The DIES research group is merged together with the IS and SAS (Biometrics) research groups to form the :

Services, Cybersecurity and Safety research group

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Society depends on more and more information systems, which need to be secured against intentional disruption. The Distributed and Embedded Security group (DIES) forms the heart of the information security research at the University of Twente. We work on data security, network security and cybercrime prevention. Our research tools include cryptography, formal methods, machine learning and case studies. Results are applied to health and food management, critical control systems, and social and enterprise networks.

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December 09, 2013CyREN Netwerkbijeenkomst

Pieter Hartel and Wouter Stol organised a meeting of the CyREN network that
was attended bij over 60 participants.

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November 20, 2013Master student graduation

Edwin Smulders is the twenty-seventh Master student to graduate in Twente in the context of the Kerckhoffs programme Computer Security. The title of his Master Thesis is ''Permeance

User Space Memory Analysis''. Edwin's master project was supervised by dr. Jonathan Petit, prof.dr. Pieter Hartel, and Ruud van Baar (MSc).

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November 01, 2013Welcome new PhD student

Ali Abbasi started work today as a PhD student on the AVATAR and CRISALIS project.

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Latest Publications

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