STROP: Social-Technical Research On Phishing

A collaboration of: IS
Funded by: CTIT
Duration: January 2012 until December 2015
Contact: prof.dr. P.H. Hartel

Phishing is used by offenders to obtain credentials from unsuspecting users. Fake websites, fake emails and even phone-calls are used as a modus operandi. With these credentials, money is stolen, or services are used and billed to the victim's account. Even though the share of malware attacks is rising, phishing attacks remain a commonly used method of fraud.


The aim of the project is to identify characteristics of victims of phishing attacks and characteristics of offenders, evaluate anti-phishing measures, and propose new methods of reducing the victimisation by offenders using the phishing modus operandi. Whereas currently most research uses either a technical approach (e.g. implement a new protocol) or a social approach (how likely are people to become a victim), this project intends to develop a combined socio-technical approach. This approach includes establishing a theoretical framework and putting phishing in the context of this framework.


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