The completed projects by the DIES group are listed below. A list of current projects is also available.

European funding

AMETIST: Advanced Methods for Timed Systems
AMSD: Accompanying Measure on System Dependability
ARTIST2: Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design
CaberNet: Network of Excellence in Distributed and Dependable Computing Systems
EYES: Energy Efficient Sensor Networks
Inspired: Integrated Secure Platform for Interactive Personal Devices
PRECIOSA: Privacy Enabled Capability in Co-operative Systems and Safety Applications
PRIAM: Privacy Issues and AMbient intelligence (Continued at TU/e)
ProTeM: Probe-based Terabit Memory
RESET: Roadmaps for European research on Smartcard related Technologies
TEAHA: The European Application Home Alliance

National funding

@HA: @ Home Anywhere
A4: Adaptive non-volatile storAge systems for Adaptive Applications
ALwEN: Ambient Living with Embedded Networks
Account: Accountability in Electronic Commerce Protocols
BRICKS: Basic Research in Informatics for Creating the Knowledge Society
CASTOR: Controlling Access to SCADA Networked Systems
Freeband/I-Share: Sharing resources in virtual communities for storage, communications, and processing of multimedia data
GECKO: Communication and Scheduling in Reconfigurable Multimedia
HERMES: Host-based Event Mining in SCADA systems
IPID: Integrated Policy-based Intrusion Detection
Kindred Spirits: Privacy Enhanced Social Networking
LicenseScript: A language and framework for calculating licenses on information over constrained domains
MESEC: Mobile Enabled Secure Exchange of Content
MOCA: Modeling Control Aspects of Embedded Systems (Continued at the CE group)
MoMS: Methods of Modelling Embedded Systems
Modus Operandi
Natural Teggs: Egg Classification
PAW: Privacy in an Ambient World
PEARL: Privacy Enhanced security Architecture for RFID Labels (Continued at TU/e)
PINPASJC: Program Inferred Power Analysis in Software -- JavaCard (Continued at TU/e)
POSEIDON: System Evolvability and Reliability of Systems of Systems (Continued at TU/e)
S-Mobile: Security of Software and Services for Mobile Systems (Continued at TU/e)
SEDAN: Searchable Data Encryption
SIRE: Security Incident Response Establishment
SPCMHD: Secure Patient-Centric Management of Health Data
SamenAlert 24/7: Publiek-Privaat Samenwerking
Secure Grip
Secure Meta Data: Secure Content Management In Ambient Environments - how about security and meta data?
Smart Surroundings (continued by the PS group)
Summer: SecUre MultiMEdia Retrieval
VISPER: The VIrtual Security PERimeter for digital, physical, and organisational security
VRIEND: Value-Based Security Risk Mitigation in Enterprise Networks that are Decentralized

University funding

AMIS: Multimedia jukebox
S3CADA: Secure and Survivable SCADA
Smart Objects
U-BRICKS: Building Blocks for Ubiquitous Computing and Communication